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The CASE consortium includes Norwegian universities and industry partners to ensure relevant research. CASE is established to improve coordination between the Norwegian universities regarding education and research within geophysics and geology

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Always at your disposal

Being an online electronic medium, it has the advantages of always being at the users’ disposal, whether the user is a student engulfed in his studies, a professor passing on knowledge or an employee in an oil and gas company working to solve a practical problem.

Continuous updates

In contrast with an ordinary book, updates and addition of new contents are made continuously and are instantaneously available to all users.

Richly illustrated

With close to 1000 illustrations, many being animations or videos, some static images and others being interactive applets, GeoCLASS presents this eld in a new and innovative way.

Multiple levels

Using a unique feature to GeoCLASS, these advanced scienti c topics are presented on multiple levels. The introductions open the door to this vast pool of knowledge, accessible even for high school students. Enter the door, and you enter the modules. Various levels of content are presented, and the more advanced levels can be shielded from the regular user, and only accessed by those with particular interest.

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